Been meaning to get some thoughts out into the world and finally squeezed enough time to make it happen.


Here’s what you can expect on this site:

  • Controversial Debate Topics (Things that we should be having conversations about but are too afraid to)
  • New Ideas
  • Videos
  • Red Hot Merch
  • Twisted Humor
  • Love, Love and more Love

Everyone has the potential to impact the world – with hard work and love, together we can do great things.

So keep an open mind, bear with me and let’s figure some things out together. Let’s make some real changes and leave this planet and our fellow humans better than we found them.

I love you,

Rob Rast

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Vince · December 3, 2019 at 1:51 am

I think you just gotta do whatever makes you happy and fulfilled. If your body is wrecked, you just gotta take it easy and use some remedies that helps get you through the day the best way you can. If you still wanna lead an active lifestyle, then go for it! Sitting idle won’t cut it. You’re too active for that! Just cut back a bit and you’ll be fine! P.S. I think you’re friggin HOT!!! 🙂 Thanks man…you’re an inspiration!

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